2018 Class

Summary of the year

In our first year offering the course, 23 students participated in 5 project teams.  We had projects from the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford, and the Dabiri Lab at Stanford.  Projects were in two general categories - exploring Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with the Dabiri Lab, and exploring improving practices for farmers in India with the Precourt Institute.

5 Students traveled to India as part of the Precourt projects, and 4 students traveled to Lancaster California for real-time evaluation of their systems at a wind turbine farm.  

The Inaugural class for ME170

Wind Turbine Projects

Design low-cost turbine blades to reduce the lifecycle costs of VAWTs in Igiugig, Alaska, and promote a viable, clean alternative to diesel fuel in the winter

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Integrate a passive method for spin control to prevent damage to VAWTs during high wind speeds

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Create an active braking system for vertical axis wind turbines using magnetorheological fluid, to prevent damage to VAWTs during high wind speeds

Improving Farming Practices in India


Enable low-cost cold storage solutions that can preserve guavas for longer periods of time and reduce produce waste.  Read project details

Spice to Meet You

Devise a faster and more effetive chili-drying system to lower food waste, reduce economic loss, and maintain affordability and sustainable practices.  Read project details.